Bean Bag Buyers Guide

Bean bag chairs have evolved greatly over the years. They are no longer used as a plaything but as an additional decorating furniture in the home. They are known for being soft, comfortable and highly durable. Bean bag chairs are made of different fabrics ranging from vinyl, cotton, polyester to nylon. These fabrics all come with their different pros and cons. With vinyl fabrics, one might have problems with heat especially if its in a hot area or during summer. Polyester and Nylon bean bags are the best options as they are water and mold resistant.

If one is willing to spend a lot, a leather bean bag might be the best bet as they are very easy to clean and maintain. Bean bag chairs are available in different shapes and sizes. One can customize the kind of filling in the chair, wood shavings and recyclable materials are completely safe, especially if there are children around. Bean bag chairs also come in different colors and size. It all depends on what and where it will be used, whether as a furniture in the living room or in a gaming room.

A bean bag chair does give a lot to choose from. If you are looking to purchase your own bean bag chair, you might have noticed that it is difficult to find them in stores. They can basically be ordered online. If however, you have reservations about ordering such a furniture online, then here are some things you should know:

Consider its purpose: You might be looking to add your bean bag chair to your room or maybe you even want it to replace furniture in the living room. Before you make an order, consider the space you have for it as this will determine the size, color and how much you are willing to spend. The amount you can spend purchasing a bean bag chair ranges and depends on the quality of the chair. It is best to get high quality ones ranging from 50 to 250 dollars as these are durable and spacious.

The style also depends on the location and of course the size. You can order for couch-sized bean bag chair if you have enough space in your living room. If you are looking to replace all other furniture, there are individual chairs that can be placed to fit your sitting arrangement. These are also amazing in your swimming area or bedroom.

Maintenance and safety: You shouldn’t make a commitment if you are not willing to see it through. Getting a bean bag chair means you are responsible for its safety and cleaning. There are different fabrics available but its best to go for one that can be detached from the chair and cleaned separately.

It is also important to consider the stuffing and be sure to keep your chair away from fires and heat. Your chair will serve you for longer periods if you get high quality fabrics and maintain it well. If you will be getting a bean bag chair, you might as well get the best.

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