Bean bag onesie. a new fashion trend?

We have all been caught in long grocery lines or have been in a scenario where we went to sit down with a bunch of friends only to find out that there is no chair available, but what if there was a way that allowed you to sit no matter where you were? Enter the Bean Bag

Onesie, a unique product that lets you sit anywhere you want. This awesome product combines the comfort of bean bags chairs with warmth of a onesie. It was designed and published by ThinkGeek to celebrate April’s fool day but people loved the idea and voted for the product to become a reality.

ThinkGeek’s uniquely designed onesie comes with a built-in bean bag that lets you sit basically anywhere you want. This type of onesie is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a chair available to sit down. When you wear it, it looks like you are carrying a bean bag on your butt. But it does what it promises and eliminates the need for couch, chair, and other sitting furniture that takes up a lot of space in your room.

Unlike normal chair and couch, the bean bag onesie gives more freedom and lets you sit in your comfortable position and place while playing video games, watching TV, or doing anything else you like. Not to mention it offers more comfort than a chair or sofa. Don’t like waiting in a long line for too long? Then just wear this onesie and have a seat among others who stand on the line all day.

The bean bag onesie is made from cotton and it comes in a gumby green color, so you can always use it during the summer season. The bean bag butt attachment is filled with a mixture of polystyrene balls, polyester fiber mix, and cotton just like bean bags chairs. It is hand washable and all you need to do is let it dry in air after washing it. If you are always getting late to your important meeting, simply wear this onesie and forget worrying over whether or not you will get a chair to sit on.

No more waiting for someone to get up from their seat so you can sit down. No more odd interactions with others which force you to stand and talk, as if you would not rather be lounging. The quality materials make this product an ideal option for just about every occasion – parties, work, meetings, etc. You will be able to sit wherever you like, and hence be the envy of those who behold you.

All in all, if you have ever been stuck waiting in line while running errands, then the ThinkGeek bean bag onesie is for you. You can buy the bean bag onesie from ThinkGeek’s official website. The product costs $89.99, which is a bit expensive, but if you are a true couch potato at heart, then it is fair price to be able to sit no matter where you go.