Best Bean Bag Chairs for Adults

You probably remember them as a kid, flopping down on a bean bag chair to enjoy a TV show or to play a video game. But then you grew out of your bean bag chair as you grew up and you thought that was the end of the bean bag chairs. The good news is that they make bean bag chairs for adults now too so you can continue to enjoy plopping down on the bean bags when you get home from a hard day at work. Best of all, the adult bean bag chair is going to be even more awesome because you can pick the size and design you like.

Bean bags are not just for chilling out, they are also to help ease back pain and to ease the pressure on joints. When you sit down in a regular chair or sofa, you still have pressure points on your joints, but a bean bag chair doesn’t push on the pressure points and allows your body to relax. If you want to get a bean bag chair, here are the top five choices when you begin your search.

Top Five Bean Bag Chairs for Adults

1: Big Boppa Bean Bag Chair for Adults

This chair is going to provide you with a simple style chair type cushion on the bottom and it is going to provide you with back support for long term sitting. It features a solid liner that can withstand the weight and evenly distribute it throughout the chair. The Big Boppa can be used in either indoor or outdoor sitting. The Boppa bean bag chair for adults comes in cool colors such as black, red, blue, and other primary colors. This bean bag chair is the most common looking bean bag chair in the collection available today. If you want something out of the norm, here are a few more choices.

2: The Cayman Bean Bag Chair for Adults

This bean bag can sit one or two people on it at a time and is great for outdoor activities and fun or you can bring the Cayman inside and use it in the living area for kids or adults. It is capable of sitting next to the deck or patio at the pool. The cover of this bean bag chair is removable so if you get it wet, or if you spill something, the cover can be thrown into the wash machine. It also features a separate inner liner so you don’t spill the beans everywhere. If you prefer to put it inside your home, there isn’t really a room that this chair won’t look good in. Everyone will be fighting over who gets to sit in the bean bag chair while watching a movie. If you decide to leave int indoors, you can choose a color to match your current décor as this chair offers a lot of options in colors.

These chairs have been tested to withstand the extreme heat and still hold on to the shape and feel so you can use it in the summer months without any worry.

3: Merlin Bean Bag Chair

Adults tend to suffer from back pain more often than they did. Depending on the job you have, your overall health, or what you do for a living can plan a role in how strong your back is. Once you start feeling the stress and strain of back pain, you may be searching for ways that you can ease the pain on your back. The Merlin bean bag chair for adults will be comforting to your tired and achy back. The moment you sit down in the chair, your back pain will begin to ease up. That’s because the Merlin will sit you up the way that you need to be sitting and providing back support to help relieve the back pain.

The Merlin will also provide you support on the neck as well as the back. The neck and the back pain seem to run consistent so one hurts, you can bet the other will as well. Sitting in your bean bag chair after a long day at work is going to be enjoyable to you.

4: The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is another bean bag chair you will want as an adult. This stylish chair is lined with quality linens to make it durable and able to handle the roughness of an adult plopping down. This chair can be used as a chair in your living room, your game room, or move it into your office and let your clients enjoy it as well. If you have another person joining you in watching the game, you can use this chair as an option for them to sit down in. The shape of this bean bag chair is triangle shaped. It supports the entire body completely when sitting down. The bean bag is going to be a great gift for the man who is converting the garage into a man cave.

5: The Costa Day Bed

One of the more sophisticated styles of bean bag chairs for adults is the Costa Day Bed. It doesn’t even look like a bean bag chair as it holds a square shape. This chair is durable and made to handle the everyday lifestyle of the great outdoors and is large enough to fit two people in it. You can also pick up the chair and move it around your home too. There are a variety of colors to choose from with the Costa day bed. You can purchase a water repellent cover for it if you would like to take it outside and leave it there. It does have a removable inside liner so you can wash it at any time.

Add the Costa to the deck for a great outdoor look and a great place to sit when entertaining. With the water repellent on, the chair can withstand consistently getting wet from swimmers and weather. If you decide to move this bean bag chair on the inside, choose from a variety of colors that will match any décor.

Other Adult Bean Bag Chairs that are Worth Considering
While these are the top five and offer a variety of different shapes, colors and sizes, you still need more options to choose from so you can find the right chair for your needs. Additional chairs to consider include:

The Media Lounge – This chair is the perfect choice for those who want to play games in a comfortable chair. This lounger is ideal for the gamer who spends hours sitting as it doesn’t hurt the back and create a feeling of stiffness or soreness when you get back up.

Big Bob Bean Bag Chair – This chair is going to be the perfect solution for gamers as well. This bean bag chair is unique because it offers arm rests; so its just like sitting in a chair at home but lower to the floor. With this bean bag chair, you can watch a movie, play a game, or just sit and chat with your friends. Again, this chair also removes the pressure points that can sometimes cause joints to feel stiff and sore.

The Cloud Bean Bag Chair – This chair is rather unique when compared to other bean bag chairs. With this chair, it is comparable to sitting on a softness that could possibly be compared to a cloud. This chair is very large and is coated in faux fur so as you sink down into the chair, the softness of the material is what you feel. Once you sit down, you may not want to get up, and sharing is going to be out of the question. The cloud also makes a great unique fashion statement in your living room.

The Hayman Bean Bag Chair – If the thought of an actual bean bag chair seems childish to you, then consider the Hayman. This chair is also good for an extra mattress at night when kids fall asleep in the living room. Instead of an air mattress, the Hayman bean bag chair can be the next best thing. This is an extra-large mat to make laying down more comfortable. It’s also a good mat to practice yoga on as well.

Selecting your Chair
When you are ready to purchase your chair, you will want to consider the size that your space can handle. Bean bag chairs for adults today are rather large and will require a certain degree of room in order to comfortably fit it into your living space. If you want to select a game chair for your game room, consider the chairs that allow you to lean back comfortably supporting the neck in order to take the pressure off. Think outside the box a little. You most likely have furniture in your home that is stylish and considered proper home furniture. Adding an adult bean bag chair to your décor is stepping outside of the norm and creating your own unique look.