Big Joe Bean Bag, 98-Inch, Sapphire Review

Big Joe Bean Bag, 98-Inch, Sapphire Review unveils a bigger bang for your buck with a mammoth piece stealing the scenes as your centerpiece. The manufacturer acknowledges the premium bean filling loses shape with continued use and makes a clean breast of it to the world. However, the only tradeoff involves fluffing up to restore original volume.

Big Joe boasts whacking great but gentle swathes of comfort to plop down abruptly and settle into position. Big Joe has a 98” circumference for generous seating capacity for anyone to plunk down and hit the books, watch TV, play games, or five-star lounging.

Big Joe Bean Bag, 98-Inch, Sapphire – 5 Main Features

1. SmartMax Fabric

Big Joe comes with a rip-resistant, waterproof and seamlessly cleanable cover whose maintenance requires a moist cloth. The double-stitched fabric makes the beanbag ideal for providing plush conforming comfort and support. It packs resiliently fluid pellets that stay moldable and flexible.

The ultra-soft cover forms a substantially closed volume which creates a shape dictated by the thrust of your weight. SmartMax allows the resilient, pliable beans to flow smoothly and conform to contours of your body.

Most beanbags in the market increase frictional resistance to flow of the beans and reorganize under your weight leading to a hard and uncomfortable seat.  Dual zippers render added strength and safety with a puncture-resistant covering.

2. UltimaX Beans

Big Joe packs UltimaX pellets offer superior resilience and a firm supporting structure for sitting above the floor level. The beanbag provides superior vertical support and better comfort for lounging or seating. Big Joe allows replenishment of UltimaX beans sold separately.

Superior bean fillings flow like a fluid out of the volume of space displaced by your weight once you collapse on the bean-bag.  The displacement redistributes to hug and support your body with luxurious comfort.

The supporting structure stashed with generous tons of beans props up your back and conforms to your contours but not the other way around.

3. 100% Recyclable Beans

Big Joe has always had a trick up its sleeve to offload the landfill and environmental footprint. The company prides itself with the philosophy-“example is better than precept”. In their offices and manufacturing plant, they recycle the whole shebang including cardboard, electronic waste, metal, plastic, and compost all organic matter.

Big Joe’s beans come from 80% recycled materials and 100% reusable themselves. The chairs contain foam found in Fuf chairs harnessed from high-end virgin filling from the surplus in the industry.

Add UltimaX beans designed for refilling to fatten the bean-bag into tiptop condition. Go landfill-free and diminish waste with Big Joe’s sustainable reduce, reuse and recycle solutions.

4. Decorative Aesthetics

Big Joe 98” chairs come in a broad eclectic of colors to create a relaxed, cozy and playful ambiance compared with traditional furniture. Transform indoors into a cocooning atmosphere with a classic orbed shape without set-up while matching your indoor or outdoor décor impeccably.

Frameless beanbags accent your home with tactility, splendor, and form. Coziness, posh and style embodied by the seat in hounds-tooth establishes a sophisticated and lavish effect.

With a sharp eye for details, the manufacturer combines ingenuity and artistic appeal to add a contemporary taste. Big Joe’s ultra-modern design, and its round, supple shape arrays with other pieces of furniture. Vibrant colors give a breath of fresh air with a sober and cheerful touch.

5. Natural Sitting Posture

UltimaX filling allows multiple sitting postures preventing fatigue, muscle stiffness, and ache. Big Joe has a vast surface for sitting, propping up or laying down with a higher level of comfort. Videogame freaks ensconce in beanbags for their nonstop marathon sessions due to their coziness.

Big Joe’s pellets conform to your body shape which acts like a super-massive kid’s glove that soothes you as you sink into the molded insulation.

If you have a bun in the oven, Big Joe makes easy-picking for pregnancy upholstery to precisely cradle your body rather than crooking it into an unnatural curvature. Beanbags provide a safe piece of furniture with a smooth surface and better support for a proper sitting posture.

Why should you use Big Joe Bean Bag, 98-Inch, Sapphire?

1. Rip-Resistant Fabric

SmartMax fabric drapes every Big Joe with a tear-resistant and long-lasting cover. Its stain-repellent and water-resistant properties make cleaning a piece of cake with a moist cloth. The seat braves all the beatings existential in kid’s bedrooms or videogame station without wear and tear. Unlike rigid and hard furniture, beanbags have an ultra-soft and cozy feel.

2. UltimaX Beans

UltimaX filling has excellent properties such as resilience, lightweight, and moldable. They conform to your body for support on the entire back in a natural sitting posture. You only need to refill pellets sold separately to resuscitate original volume and fluff without nibbling at your savings to acquire new pieces of furniture.

3. Versatile & Functional

Beanbags gained the toehold as sofa solutions for dorms of youthful users. The upholstery’s minimalism, lightweight and free mobility offers a smash hit for young people in college and university. They act as space-saving and multipurpose pieces for crashing or snuggling.

4. Kid-Safe

Beanbags are the best thing since sliced bread in kiddo world as risk-free playful landing destinations. Kids make a beeline for the soft and comfortable solutions to roll, flip or jump. Wooden and hard upholstery sounds like skating on thin ice for families with the patter of little feet. Besides, they encourage a natural sitting posture.

5. Eco-Friendly Masterpiece

Big Joe blazes the trail in reusing, recycling and reducing waste without priming the pump as the revenues go to donations. The seat incorporates refillable and reusable beans. The pellets and foam made from recycled up-cycled materials reduces the landfill and waste.

  • Superior UltimaX beans moldable to body shape for maximum support
  • Double-stitched fabric and dual zippers for improved strength and safety
  • Multicolor options for breathtaking ensembles
  • Eco-friendly recyclable beans and reused foam from upscale manufacturers
  • Spacious 98” seating capacity for snuggles or hitting the sack
  • Safe, comfortable and kid-friendly
  • Lightweight, portable and versatile for reshaping interior décor
  • SmartMax fabric for water-resistant, stain-repellent properties and easy maintenance
  • Still lags behind the niche gigantic XL models carving out more space for lounging

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the measurements for this bag? Is it ideal for kids below 8 years?

Size: 33” x 33” x 20”

  1. Can you replenish or remove the pellets?

Yes, it’s refillable with beans sold separately.

  1. Does it come with a detachable and machine-washable canvas?

Yes, SmartMax fabric with stain-resistant and waterproof qualities.

  1. Does the filling pack densely without getting airy?

Yes, superior UltimaX beans maintain shape for long.

  1. How many color options available for enlivening décor?

Six colors, like sapphire and zebra.

Final Verdict

Big Joe Bean Bag, 98-Inch, Sapphire Review gives a word for a lap of luxury richly decorated and shot through with double-stitching. Perch on the seat or plunk down against moldable pellets conforming to your body architecture.

The 98” Big Joe towers head and shoulder above the rest with resilient, refillable, and recyclable pellets to resuscitate the fluff for a crushing snuggle or cuddle. Beanbags provide an ergonomic and flexible seat sensitive to body movements.

Big Joe’s brightly colored, pear-shaped and versatile style steals the show as the focal point of your ambiance. The chair will give you a slice of the Italian villa hammock comfort without breaking the bank.