Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

For parents, the problem with getting a bean bag chair for their child is the space it takes up in their bedroom. This is especially true for residences that have small bedrooms, making bean bag chairs seemingly impractical. However, Creative QT has come up with a potential solution by offering a chair that also serves as a place to hold stuffed toys.

The Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair has become quite popular thanks to its dual nature, but is it worth the price?


This is basically a bag designed to hold stuffed animals and strong enough to hold the weight of a child while sitting. However, its construction offers more features than a simple bag and provides extra storage space for a child’s stuffed animal collection.

  • Available in 27”, 33”, or 38” in Circumference
  • Made from Cotton Canvas Materials
  • Machine Washable
  • Zipper to Hold Contents Inside

The 27” bean bag chair will hold up to 50 small stuffed animals while the 38” will hold up to 90 or more. However, you can augment with blankets, quilts, pillows, and seasonal clothing that compliments the stuffed animals placed inside the bag.

Cotton canvas is a natural material that has been in use for centuries. This is not the rough-textured cotton canvas that is common with old-style duffle bags, but rather a smooth, comfortable canvas that retains its natural strength while still being soft. This bean bag chair can be washed in the washing machine. Simply remove the contents and was it per instructions.

Finally, the zipper is designed to hold the contents inside while being quick and easy to use. The material around the zipper is reinforced, so it can withstand the pressure of the items inside while being used as a chair.


There are several benefits that the Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair offers, starting with its dual-purpose of being a place to sit and store stuffed animals safely. However, there are other advantages as well which makes this chair something to consider for your child’s room.

Colors & Sizes: You can choose from a number of colors, sizes, and designs that compliment the room in which this product will be used. This means that you can get one that works best for the size of the room where it will stay, the number of stuffed animals it will hold, and how much your child likes it in their room. By providing plenty of choices, you can get the one that works best.

Natural Materials: The cotton canvas material is light, strong, and comfortable for a child to sit and even lay down on. Being naturally strong and flexible, it can hold stuffed animals, blankets, and the like without tearing or falling apart under normal use conditions. Plus, the bag is machine washable which means you can keep it clean and neat.

Perhaps most importantly, the material is naturally fire-resistant, so this bean bag chair by Creative QT is not covered in flame-retardant chemicals which might cause an adverse reaction to the skin.

Portable: While this bean bag chair maxes out at just 38”, it’s easy to pull and carry around thanks to the large handle. The handle is firmly attached to the bag for maximum quality and can be used to lift or pull the bag to another location. It is advised that you pick up the bag with the handle and carry it with both hands if possible. However, both the handle and the material that make up the bag are strong and durable.

Price: At under $30, this is practically a steal, especially for a bean bag chair. When you look at the overall quality, construction, variety of colors, and comfortable materials, the low price only serves as an incentive to purchase this unique product.

Versatile: While advertised as being the perfect storage bag for stuffed animals, you can use blankets, quilts, pillows, and other soft fabrics to stuff the bag. You can even purchase a couple or more to store seasonal clothing and other soft fabric items while keeping them around the house. The handle means that you can easily move and hang the bags when they are not stuffed.

However, this product is not perfect and there are a few small issues that should be considered before deciding to purchase. Even the best products are not impervious to what a child may do to it. While the cotton canvas material is strong and solid, it is possible to damage the zipper, making it difficult to fully seal once the stuffed animals are inside.

Another issue is that you must have enough stuffed animals to make this purchase worthwhile. This bean bag chair is not designed for hard plastic or metal toys, so you will need to have plenty of stuffed animals along with quilts, blankets, and seasonal clothing to provide it with sufficient padding for the chair to comfortably sit on for pre-teen children.


Overall, the Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair is an excellent product providing two important features at once, a place for your child to sit and to store their stuffed animals. The durable materials and excellent construction combined with the low price means that you are making a wise investment for the child that has plenty of stuffed toys to store.

This means that their rooms are now less cluttered, and the space used for children to sit and play. As they grow older, this product can morph into a footstool or other useful furnishing that will compliment your child’s room even when they become teenagers. This is also the perfect hand-me-down as the bag is designed to last for a long time under normal use conditions.

If you are looking for a way to store stuffed animals while providing an additional place for your child to sit, then this bean bag chair from Creative QT is the answer you have been looking for all this time.