Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon Large Bean Bag Chair

The classic bean bag chair has been around for a half-century, providing comfort and convenience for families around the world. Thanks to advancing technology both in terms of materials and design, there are new, large bean bag chair products being created that provide even more comfort while still being easy to set up and maintain.

The Jaxx 6’ Cocoon Large Bean Bag Chair represents another in the successful line of furniture products from Jaxx, but does it live up to the standards set by the previous efforts by the company?

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There are numerous features provided by this bean bag chair, starting with its shear size. At six feet long, it can hold most adults comfortably and is quite durable under normal use conditions.

  • Dimensions: 72” x 72” x 20”
  • Weight: 62 Pounds
  • Micro-Suede (Polyester) Cover
  • Multiple Positions: Chair or Crash Pad
  • Comes in Many Different Colors
  • Pressure-Relieving Support
  • Versatile: Works for living rooms, game rooms, bedrooms, and more
  • One Year 100% Guarantee

The large size fits one adult or two children with ease. It’s also possible that two adults can sit in the chair itself. The micro-suede cover is not just polyester, but a new construction of the material designed for durability and easy cleaning. It helps that the beans inside are fashioned from a material that provide soft, comfortable support under normal use conditions for years on end.

The multiple positions allow for you to use it like a bed or a chair depending on your needs. Plus, you can fit two people on the bean bag if needed. The different colors is nice if you are looking for something to match the room. Plus, because it can be moved around, you can use it in different rooms and works well as a guest bed. The complete, one-year warranty is a nice touch as well.

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There are several advantages to having this large bean bag chair by Jaxx in your home, starting with the affordable price. Considering the cost of traditional furniture, this makes for a good investment if you are looking for a good, inexpensive piece of furniture for a particular room.

Extra Bed: The Jaxx 6’ Cocoon Bean Bag Chair makes for a great extra bed when you have guests over. It’s large and comfortable enough for one adult and provides excellent comfort for the entire night. Because it doubles as a couch or large chair, that means your bean bag chair will be used all the time and not go for long periods taking up space like many extra beds.

Colors: Many large bean bag chair products come in one or two colors which limits what you can purchase to match your home décor. The beauty of this product is that you can select from several different colors and find the one that is perfect for you living room, den, theater room, game room, bedroom, and more.

Durable: The tough micro-suede cover is quite tough and resists pressure and scrapes quite well. The polyester exterior also allows the chair to be moved easily from one place to another while resisting the scrapes and pulls that often tear the cover.

Maintenance: The micro-suede not only holds up to the pressure, scrapes, and potential cuts from sharp instruments, but it is also quite easy to clean. The durable polyester resists staining, which means that a few wipes with a damp cloth is enough to remove most dust, dirt, and debris from the cover. Plus, you can remove the cover and clean it separately every so often to ensure that it keeps its like-new appearance.

Versatile: Not enough can be said about the versatility of this large bean bag chair, especially when you have friends over for the big game, kids for a birthday party, or family for Thanksgiving and the like. It’s also perfect for get-togethers when you have a few friends over to watch a movie, play games, or sit around and talk.

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There are few reasons not to like this bean bag product, although it should be noted that few things built by people are going to be perfect. What is interesting is that customer complaints about the Jaxx 6’ Cocoon Large Bean Bag Chair are few and far between thanks to its remarkable quality.

One noticeable issue is that it does take the foam beans within the chair a little time to become soft. This is because the foam beans will need to be softened from sitting before they become 100% comfortable. The stiffness is temporary, though, so for those who are worried the first time they sit in the bean bag chair should take comfort that it will correct itself shortly.

Otherwise, there is little negative to say about this remarkable product which has earned its reputation for being one of the best on the market today.

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There is little doubt that the Jaxx 6’ Cocoon Large Bean Bag Chair is a real winner. An excellent addition to your home thanks to its versatility, comfort, and affordability. For those who have guest over frequently or just once in a while, the ability to have them sleep in comfort will be more than worth the price. Especially when you are using this remarkable chair every day for your comfort.

What puts this version over the top is the remarkable durability of the cover and stitching itself, which is quite something for such a large bean bag chair. It was not long ago that bean bag chairs of six-foot or greater were considered impractical because the weight tended to ruin the stitching and bursts the cover after a short time.

Today, this version holds up quite well even after years of use. The easy cleaning of the cover helps as well, so that this chair never becomes an eye-sore. If you are looking for one of the best large bean bag chairs on the market today, the Jaxx 6’ Cocoon Large Bean is perfect for you.

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