The Bean Bag Onesie

What if you could sit whenever you wanted regardless of where you were? Sometimes you are simply tired or feel like it would be very convenient to sit next to the TV while playing on your Xbox or PS4 or next to the bookshelf, or you have a lot of friends over but don’t have enough chairs or space for everyone including yourself. This is when the Bean Bag Onesie comes really handy.

Bean Bag Onesie

The Bean Bag Onesie is a new onesie available on the market that features bean bag filling that has been attached to the back, allowing you to sit whenever and wherever you want to. For couch potatoes who do not want to leave the house, this bean bag filling onesie is like a dream come true. When life pushes such individuals to go outside and away from their comfort zone, at least they will have their comfy Bean Bag Onesie with them.

This bean bag filling onesie is said to be very comfortable. It is retailing on ThinkGeek. The onesie is so comfortable that you will not want to get out of it at all. One of the best things about this onesie is that you don’t need to change out of your pajamas every time you want to sit back and relax. The Bean Bag Onesie is retailing for $89.99 on ThinkGeek’s website and the product seems to be selling really well, which means there are many people out there who want to be able to stay seated whenever and wherever possible.

Bean Bag Onesie

The product is advertised as “All The Right Junk In The Trunk.” The comfortable and super cool onesie is available in S-3XL sizes and it is made for everyone and anyone who wants or feels like they need such a product. The bean bag filling onesie does seem a little bit costly, but some of the people who purchased it say that it is completely worth it. However, if you look at it, it does seem like it might be somewhat inconvenient to carry around. Not to mention if you frequently use public transport, then people aren’t going to like that you take up a lot of space because of that onesie.

Following are the specifications of the product:
• Available in Gumby Green.
• A ThinkGeek exclusive.
• Solve all your seating related problems.
• Materials: Cotton, filled with polyester balls, cotton, and polyester fiber mix.
• Want more colors? Let the ThinkGeek team know.
• Care Instructions: Hand wash cold. Air dry.

There are mixed reviews about this product. Some people say that it is worth it, while others disagree. Those who say that the Bean Bag Onesie is totally worth it say that it is worth it because it allows you to sit while waiting in line at a takeaway restaurant, sit wherever you want it at home, sit and relax at the bus stop, or while waiting at the subway. There are so many more places. You surely can’t put a price on comfort.