The Best Bean Bags in 2018

Choosing the perfect home décor for your house can be a difficult job especially when it comes down to the furniture selection. The furniture should such that it matches and manages to uplift the ambience of your home. One such furniture option is the bean bag. They have become one of the best bean bags among the millennial generation. Bean bags help in creating an environment of comfort and informality that helps not only to increase the output of the user, if it is in the office space, but also makes the user feel relaxed and much more energetic. Bean bags are made out of filling huge bags, made of different material, with foam or other soft materials shaped like beans. There are a lot of advantages to buying bean bags other than the fact that they are quite cheap when compared with sofas and leather chairs. Besides that the bean bags are great stress relievers and muscle relaxers. They are ideal for people dealing with long hours of the desk job. So from a medical viewpoint too, bean bags are quite efficient.

But the main problem that arises is the fact that there are too many options available in the market. This can lead you to buy certain bean bags that may be advertised well but may not be up to the mark at all. But don’t worry. If you are looking for bean bags and are confused so as to which one to buy, this buying guide will help you solve your dilemma as to which bean bag can turn out to be the right choice for you. This guide is prepared according to the numerous customer reviews available at online market portals.

Buying guide for Bean Bags

Some factors have to be kept in mind while buying a bean bag. These are important as they will help you to gain the maximum comfort and enjoyment out of it. The first important factor is to not get easily swayed by the advertisements and salesmen. The factors mentioned will help you get the best bean bag present in the market.

  • Type: there are different types of bean bags available. You have to choose which type will be the most suitable one for your needs. The types vary from leather to cotton to suede and many more. Suitability also depends upon the conditions under which you might require. If it is for working atmosphere, leather bean bags are the most appropriate one whereas if it is for your kids use, then cotton ones are the more preferential ones.
  • Size: well in this certain circumstance knowing the size of the bean bag you might be going to buy is a good thing. This is because bean bags come in a variety of size. It can range from 3 ft. to over 7 ft. long. Plus the composition of the beans also differs according to the size and purpose. So it is really important to get the right size as per your space.
  • Filling: this is a major factor. You should keep in check what the bean bag is filled with and in how much quantity. The filling helps you in determining the quality of the bean bag too.
  • Other factors: some other factors that you need to look into if you want to lock onto a quality bean bag are that it should be easily washable, that it does pass the safety regulations set up by government authorities and it does certainly have a double stitching on it. Other than these there are certain qualitative assessments that one has to take on his/her accords.
  • Budget: as mentioned earlier bean bags may be cheaper when compared to sofas or armchairs but still the top end stuff is still quite costly. But you don’t need to worry about it. Due to huge competition, a lot of producers have started producing great quality bean bags at the economical price range.

List of the best-reviewed bean bags

 1. Flash Furniture Oversized Solid Brown Bean Bag Chair

This particular beanbag is one of the best reviewed one on the online portal. It is an oversized bean bag from flash furniture. It is fit for both kids and adults. The material is quite soft and made out of a canvas material that makes it quite easy to accommodate anywhere. This bean bag is available in different colour variants. It is an ideal bean bag to lounge on. A perfect furniture piece for either your living or recreational room. Due to the light make of the bean bag, it is quite easy to carry around and shift. All in all, it is definitely a great bean bag that can fit perfectly into your lifestyle.


  • Available in different colour variants
  • Lightweight
  • Easily washable
  • Comes with a zipper so as to keep the beads from spilling out
  • Can be used for both adults and kids
  • Economical in price


  • Requires a lot of beans
  • Quite big, good for rooms with a lot of space only.

2. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Chill Sack is one of the premier companies when it comes to producing high-quality bean bags. This one is a prime example of that. It is a huge bean bag, 5 ft. in length to be exact, that is made with a certain blend of beans that are mainly soft foam that has been shredded to provide maximum comfort to the user. This is another bean bag that can be easily used by both adults and kids. Unlike other bean bags that requires a lot of space, this one can be easily accommodated in any room of your choice. Well, there isn’t much to say about this product other than the fact that it is one of the most premier bean bags available in the market.


  • Available in different colour variants
  • Removable double stitches
  • Easily washable
  • Can be accommodated into any room


  • Quite costly
  • Gives out an acidic type odour in some cases

3. Sofa Sack-Bean Bags

This product definitely had to make it to the list. The Sofa Sack 6 ft. bean bag is one of the most sold bean bags on the market. This is because it is highly durable and is really comfortable for an average adult. Moreover, the fabric is of premium quality. It may be quite big for certain households but if accommodated properly it can replace the mundane sofas and chairs. The foams are soft and quite comfortable plus the covers are really exuberant. All in all, this bean bag is definitely an eye-catcher in the market and can be noted as one of the best bean bags available in the market.


  • the make and build of the bean bag is of supreme quality
  • the fabric is soft and is of high quality
  • easy to move


  • problems with the amount of filling in certain cases
  • takes a lot of time in expanding to the complete size
  • not quite comfortable to sit on for long hours

4. Fugu Bean Bag Chair


Fugu is relatively a new company when compared to the other companies in this field. But if the bean bag chair is any measurement of the quality of product that it may produce in the future years, then the company’s future does seem bright. This bean bag has received a great positive review from the customers who have used it. This is available in a lot of sizes. You can choose which size of bean bag you might want according to your preference. The multi-cover system helps to easily clean the bean bag properly. One more exciting thing about this product is that the foams are pillow shaped so as to give maximum level of comfort. It is definitely a great product that you can use as per your convenience.


  • Available in different sizes and colours
  • The pillow-shaped foam helps in providing great comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Great customer service


  • Too costly
  • Not as comfortable as other bean bags on the list
  • Takes a lot of beans to completely fill

5. Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair

As the name suggests the Lumaland Luxury Bean Bag chair is definitely a luxury to behold. It is a 7 ft. long bean bag that can easily replace a big sofa in your household. It is really comfortable and can easily house up to 3 adults. The main problem that arises with this particular product is the huge foot space it takes up. It may be quite difficult to accommodate in houses with small rooms. But aside from that fact, it is definitely a great bean bag that really lives up to its name and size.


  • Available in different deep colour variants and sizes
  • Huge enough to accommodate more than one adult at a time
  • Really comfortable
  • Zipper technology so as to help ease the process of cleaning


  • Really costly
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Time-consuming as it takes almost 3 days to fluff out completely


Bean bags as mentioned earlier have become quite useful in this modern day and age. They help us to relax and give us more comfort than the normal seating furniture. Moreover, this is a perfect setup for people with long desk job hours. So it is quite natural to go for a bean bag nowadays. But you should choose the perfect one for your house as it will help not only rejuvenate you but also bring an aesthetic touch to your house.

This buying guide provides the best options that are available on online market portals based on the numerous reviews about them. Hopefully, it will help you choose the one that you may be looking to buy.

To conclude, it is important to decide beforehand through a bit of intrinsic research as to which bean bag to acquire so that you might not get disappointed after acquiring it.

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