The world’s largest bean bag chair

Who else doesn’t love a bean bag chair? When you are really down and want to enjoy your coffee or book peacefully in a comfortable chair, your only option is soft comfy bean bang chair. But did you know that a new record for the world’s largest bean bag chair has been made?

Interesting! Right?

A lot of things have been made to Guinness World Record due to their gigantic size. It’s not the first time that a LARGE bean bag chair has been made. A yearly competition named “ArtPrize” is held every year at Grand Rapids, Michigan. Around 500,000 art lovers participate in this amazing art competition from around the world and compete for prize money of $500,000!

This year, in this competition, a new record was formed by a Michigan based company named Comfort Research who broke all previous record. This bean bag chair was too large that heavy machinery was used for its display. Imagine if big foot was real this would have been his seat!

World largest bean bag chair facts:

Some facts and figures of this gigantic bean chair are as follows:

  • Weight: 4000 pounds.
  • Height: 39 feet
  • Volume: 5224 cubic feet
  • Had 42 million beans in it
  • Had 1100 smaller bean bags inside

Why are bean bag chairs famous?

Bean bag chairs are famous for their soft and comfortable features. Every kid will have a bean bag chair in his/her room in which he/she will love to sit. Not only kids, but it is also popular among adults. Due to the huge demand of the product, the bean bag chair industry has also expanded in the recent years.

Likeliness among people and more competition in the market have forced the manufacturers’ to come up with interesting ideas and that is why you can enjoy a bean bag couch too. The price depends upon the size, quality and of course the brand. A simple kid bean bag chair can cost you $20 but if your priorities are comfort and quality, you better get ready to pay more.

How to make your own bean bag chair:

You can also make your own bean bag chair at home using some important DIY techniques.

  1. Select the type of fabric you want to use as an outer covering
  2. Buy some bean bags to do the inner filling (you can also sew some bean bags and fill them up with beans).
  3. Sew the fabric in the shape of a bean bag by cutting two big circles and rectangles on your fabric. You can take help from YouTube if you don’t know how to sew.
  4. Once the cover is ready fill it with the beans and seal the cover mouth.
  5. You are all set for a comfy seat!

Your bean bag chair may not compete with the world’s largest bean bag chair but will surely give you a comfort and perfect spot.

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