Triumph Tournament Bean Bag Toss Review

Triumph Tournament Bean Bag Toss ReviewThumb through our Triumph Tournament Bean Bag Toss Review to come out smelling like a rose in outdoor fun and games. The set fits the description for adventures such as BBQs and camping. Teams and individual players make a dive tossing the beanbags toward the mark on the opposite board to thrash opponents

Two 35″ L x 24″ W x 1.5″ H portable game platforms tuck together for portability with a solid, scratch-resistant melamine laminate lining. The assembly comes with foldable wooden legs to mount and hit the game anywhere.

Go the whole hog with eight six-inch square beanbags-four red and four blue. The package for the whole ball game transforms a tailgate and backyard barbecue into merry-making.

Triumph Tournament Bean Bag Toss – 5 Main Features

1. Triumph Tournament

Launch the game platforms 15 feet spaced out. Each squad has four beanbags at first blush and simply oscillates throws on every turn. Participants must toss from behind the face of the board. Keep your eyes peeled to spot rivals trespassing along the foul line.

Such a throw should not count while the bag drops out of the picture. Any bag penetrating the hole garners 3 points. Any sack that remains on the board rakes in one point. Rough and tumble, you can pummel your opponent’s bags.

But don’t rush headlong into punching as it could slip through the hole. Deduct the minimum points from the high score at the end of each cycle for a final assessment.

2.Solid As A Rock

Hit the game with ultra-sturdy, compact toss game with shock-resistant melamine laminate lining. The package makes the ideal companion for outdoor adventure, backyard BBQs, camping, tailgating, and more.

Dual 35″L x 24″W x 1.5″H sizable game platforms with wooden fold-out legs, edges, and rear insulated with nautical paint inhibits moisture damage.

The sturdy, lightweight and indestructible allow you to set up and hit the ground running anywhere. Boards tuck together for transport with an intuitive grab-carry handle. The platform stays stable shored up by a solid base of steel fold out legs while a complete set of eight bits seal the game.

3. Outdoor Bits & Pieces

Triumph Tournament set includes boards ossified with a thermo-set resin surface for the most durable and scratch-resistant laminate. The 35 x24 x1.5 classic outdoor toss boards laminated surfaces inhibits moisture or warping. 6” x6” and 12.5 ounce 4 blue and 4 red bags with moisture-resistant filling beanbags mean you can still play when it’s tipping down or foggy.

The eight bagfuls store snugly inside the frame. After the game, pack up the bits and pieces in the interior compartment sandwiching the two boards for quick storage. Grab and carry with the intuitive rope-grip handles, transport the barrels of fun anywhere.

4. Triumph Sports Fun & Leisure

Triumph Tournament beanbag toss provides a challenging and addictive pastime. To throw your hat in the ring, you need hairsplitting accuracy, the tenacity of hurling and the finesse of punching. The set includes all nuts and bolts needed to start the competition.

The strapping, compressed Triumph Sports Tournament Bag Toss game brings along a slice of the action on any outdoor adventure for a whale of a time, backyard BBQs, camping trips, and tailgating.

If you have a knack for hitting cornholes with mathematical accuracy, you’ll be at the top of your game with whacking victory. The manufacturer leads the market with the most versatile patterns; this new edition will spice up outdoor fun.

5. Other Games Playable

Beanbag toss or cornhole refers to a puzzle that puts the whole family’s motor skills to task. Essentially, a beanbag hitting the corn-hole scores three points and one on the platform garners one point. The first squad or player to surpass or hit 21 brings down the Triumph Toss tables.

But you can follow the scoring option where the bag has two points if it’s on the platform dangling over the hole, but has not sunken.

Another challenge involves the longest shot to toss the bag in the hole from the farthest point. Alternative options include aiming for an accurate score, speed test, super-simple, and age challenge.

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Why should you use Triumph Tournament Bean Bag Toss?

1. Sturdy & Portable

Sturdy, compressed bag toss game with impermeable melamine laminate surface makes it ideal for outdoor ventures for nonstop fun. The classic outdoor leisure adds piquancy to tailgating or BBQ merrymaking. Hardened thermo-set resin surface offers the most durable, scratch-resistant laminate.

2. Lightweight & Portable

Triumph boards lock together for clever-easy transportation with the bags tucked between the two panels. After the game, scrunch the beanbags in the inner gap sandwiching the two boards for straightforward storage. Grab the nifty rope carry handles to export the fun everywhere.

3. All Bells & Whistles

Triumph Tournament set includes two 35″L x 24″W x 1.5″H sizable platforms with wood fold-out legs for stability and eight 6”x6” toss bags. Steel fold-out legs keep the two sizable game pieces stable. You can get rolling from scratch with manufacturer instructions. Play as many creative tossing games as conceivable with a score sheet on hand.

4. American Lawn Culture

Bean bag toss games have their roots in American homes as a fun-adding activity for the whole family. The lawn game has a straightforward pattern and suitable for all ages. It has an angled platform with a hole at the peak and bags. Winners have to hurl the bags from a calculated distance and hit the hole with pinpoint accuracy.

5. Triumph Sports USA

The set comes from a tried and tested US manufacturer in the driving seat of TSU games. The hardened playing surface comes from indestructible and solid material for improved durability. The pieces and bags will withstand tear and wear with usage. It comes with a TSU warranty.

  • Sturdy, space-saving bag toss game with impermeable and shock-proof melamine laminate surface
  • Ideal for BBQs, tailgating, camping trips, and more fun
  • Boards fit snugly into each other for portability with intuitive carry handle
  • Steel fold-out legs for firm and steady support
  • Includes eight 12.5 ounce bags
  • Smaller wood tournament board and bag storage set

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it come with foldable legs?

Yes, fix up the frame properly for firm and steady support.

  1. Does it come with a travel bag or carry case?

No bag included but a Velcro will do the job.

  1. What is the material used to make the boards?

It’s a hardened resin, stain resistant and indestructible surface.

  1. Can you use it to play cornhole game indoor?

Yes, the boards will brave all elements and beatings.

  1. Do you go by the 15ft spacing gap in the mainstream or 27 suggested by this product?

15ft sounds ideal for kids; adults need to stretch out to 27ft.

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Final Verdict

Triumph Tournament Bean Bag Toss Review fleshes out fun and games for family members to take turns to score up peak points against rivals. Triumph Tournament bag toss is the school of hard knocks for the hit and miss freaks.

If you can’t hit the broad side of a barn, then stay in the bull pen and pitch in to give your team the edge. Toughened thermo-set resin surface renders the most durable and scratch-resistant laminate surface.

The set includes 6” x 6” eight square toss bags to seal the deal with wood fold-out legs for steady support. Get tough with your opponents to deflect them from clinching winnings. Boards tuck tightly for portability with a convenient carry handle.

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