Unusual Bean Bag Chairs

The bean bag chair has long been the embodiment of convenience, comfort and fun, when it comes to the subject of lazing-around furniture. Our bean bag has served us well for years. Our girls love lounging around on it while reading, watching their tablets and playing. Although, now after years of abuse, being checked around and stuffed into small spaces when not in use, it has started to lose its stuffing so, I am sad to say, it is now time the Disney princess bean bag is due for replacement.

With the girls getting older now and my wife wanting to try and update the look of the house, we were not sure if we should purchase another unless we could find one that fitted in with the rest of our furniture. We decided to try to replace our old bean bag chair with something a bit different. After looking online for bean bags made from more contemporary materials, we found, to our joy, that we are not restricted to the classic design and that there are a plethora of unusual bean bag chairs and designs available to choose from.

Bean bags have been around for a while, they were invented in 1969 by the Italian design house Zanotta who wanted to come up with a new type of chair to meet the desires of the ‘hippy generation’. They ‘hit the nail on the head’ and since its release, the bean bag has shown its staying power. Up through the flower power generation, baby boomers, millennials and modern-day hipsters, bean bags have remained a popular seating alternative. Recently, modern designers have been trying to revive the bean bag trend by coming up with new, exciting and fun bean bag chair to cater for everybody’s tastes.

We found hundreds of new designs available to us. Bean bag chairs in modern designs, animals, food and even ones that look like rocks and boulders! Fancy relaxing, watching the TV, on a pile of rocks or cuddling into a full sized grizzly bear? Well now you can, only without the pain factor! We thought the most difficult part of replacing our old bean bag chair would be finding one that was a bit different to the norm and would still fit in with the rest of our furniture, however it turned out to be the opposite, there are so man different ideas and styles to choose from that we are struggling to narrow our choices down.

One of my favourites has a velvet main cover but with a faux leather seating section made from triangular panels to form a chair-like area to sit on. It looks modern and stylish and should fit in our house well. My wife likes a huge 3 metre by 2 metre bean bag that can be hung from chains to make a large hammock for 2 people, although I am not sure where she expects us to fit it in our modestly sized house. Our eldest wants a giant beef burger and our youngest likes the grizzly bear.

I can see that it is going to take a while to come to a consensus and I am starting to think it may be easier to just sell our sofa and just replace it with a personalised bean bag chair each! At least it will end the arguments about ‘SHE STOLE MY SEAT! I WAS SITTING THERE FIRST!’

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