Weird Bean Bag Chairs

Since their introduction more than a half-century ago, the bean bag chair has been one of the most interesting additions to the furniture of homes around the world. Simple in design, yet quite comfortable, this type of furniture is most unusual in nature because it does not have the typical framing of traditional chairs, sofas, and the like.

What Makes Bean Bag Furniture Great?

There are many reasons why you should consider bean bags as part of the furnishings in your home, especially if you have children. First, this is the perfect chair for kids as it’s easy to take care of, comes in many different colors and styles, and is quite durable which means that it can be thrown around from one place to another without worrying about damaging it.

Bean bags are also rather stylish and the larger versions help flesh out the den, TV room, or any gathering place where you want your family and guests to sit back and relax. As extra chairs, they can be stored easily and pulled out when needed.

However, even in the world of the bean bag chairs there are unusual bean bag entries that may catch your eye. What follows are just some of the many weird types of bean bags that you might want to consider for your home.


Baked Potato Bean Bag Chair

If you love baked potatoes, you’ll really love this bag which is shaped just like a fully prepared baked potato complete with a satin pillow in the shape of a slab of butter on top. The design allows for one person to sink into the middle in complete comfort. Plus, it’s an excellent conversation piece that will have your family and friends wanting to try it out.


Belit Bag

This unusual piece of furniture has small lights that brighten when someone sits in the chair. For a modern take on bean bags, this is a remarkable entry that provides the interesting combination of attention-getting lights, almost like fireflies in the night, and superb comfort thanks to the interesting shape that it offers.


Fatboy Bean Bag Chair

Standing up to six feet tall, you can find a wide-variety of these chairs which are perfect for the kids and make extra sitting places for your guests. The simple design is augmented by the many different color and pattern combinations that make them perfect for the play room or any room that needs extra seating for kids.


Big Joe Football Bean Bag Chair

For the young man in your family who loves football, these are the perfect bean bag chairs for his room. The ultimax beans which fill each chair are soft, comfortable, and durable enough to last for years of normal use. Plus, it has greater density than bean bags of similar size, meaning that it is even more durable and can withstand much of the roughhousing typical with boys and their bean bags.


Grizzly Bear Bean Bag

This is a bean bag which is knitted, not printed which means that it has the actual shape of a grizzly bear sleeping away. Large enough to allow one person to sit or one child to lay on top, it is also small enough to be easily handled. You can take the cover off for washing and it makes a great decoration for your home.


Hot Lips Bean Bag Chair

Shaped like a pair of lips that dons the cover of a Rolling Stone album, these remarkable pieces of furniture are perfect for the young girl in your family. Large enough to comfortably sit a child, the soft covering offers a wild cherry cover that can be easily cleaned and maintained.


Jaxx Sac Jr.

If you are looking for a great bean bag chair for your kids, Jaxx Sac Jr. is one of the best. This is because the designs are colorful and the cover is removable for easy washing. Although adults may miss out on the fun, your kids will love having this furniture in their rooms along with the play room.


The XXL Bean Bag Chair

This goliath of a bag measures roughly 7 feet in diameter and three feet high which makes it the size of a typical sofa. It’s also fairly heavy at 90 pounds which means you’ll probably need some help in getting it inside your home. Still, it’s the perfect way for couples to relax and it acts as a spare bed thanks to the comfort provided.

Whether you need such a large bean bag chair is up to you, but the benefits are considerable along with the comfort and unique style that it provides.


Shark Bean Bag Chair

This interesting piece of furniture offers a chair-like shape which represents the big mouth of the shark just waiting for its next meal. Perfect for the kid’s room or for anyone with a good sense of humor, this remarkable bean bag is one that the entire family will enjoy.


Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

For you and your kids who love Pokemon, the Snorlax is the perfect bean bag that lets your child take their afternoon nap inside its ample belly. Beautifully designed and crafted with care, the Snorlax makes the perfect gift for any child who loves Pokemon and wants to have one of its most popular representatives in their home.

Topiary Ball

Who says that topiary is just for the outside? Here, you can have these wonderful topiary balls that are crafted from customized knit fabric decorating your home. Although it appears that graphics are involved, the actual look of this product is created from the many different knots that have been sewn into the covering. This means that you’ll enjoy wonderful comfort that is easy to take care of inside your home.

If you are looking for a comfortable, durable, and interesting addition to the furniture in your home, the many styles and shapes of the bean bag chair will be perfect for you. With the proper care, your bean bag will last for a long time, providing comfort and something to talk about in your home when you have family and friends over for a visit.

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